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Combat Life Saver Course (CLS)

ARS specializes in training our troops in the Combat Life Saver Course of Instruction. We have the ability to instruct and train large groups how to save lives on the battlefield. Our instruction follows the CLS guidelines ensuring that each of the students gains proficiency in; stopping a major bleed, protecting an airway, treating and managing a compromised chest, to include the recognition of a tension pneumothorax and how to treat the injury.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

The training our clients receive, is customized to ensure specific needs are met. From the battlefield to the streets in America, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines are followed to ensure the highest standard of care is taught to each of our clients.
Students are taught the most expedient way to save a casualty's life. Proven in real world combat , reports have been received from the front lines that our military personnel, with little or no medical back ground, are following these lifesaving TCCC guidelines and lives are being saved.
Whatever environment you may find yourself in, either here in the United States or some third world country, there may be a time when medical support may be delayed or even over burdened due to a natural disaster or possible terrorist attack. That is why it is important to know what to do to save a life.
Practical exercises are blended in between the classroom instruction to facilitate the learning process. Instructor to student ratio (1:10) will further enhance the students ability to learn specific techniques. A final training exercise will be developed to test the students capability to perform what has been taught in the classroom.
A final training exercise can be customized for each of our clients. We attempt to duplicate the environment that our client will most likely find themselves in.

Combat Medic Advanced Skill Training (CMAST)

The Combat Medic Advanced Skills Training (CMAST) course was developed to provide the 91W soldier medic with an overview of the stark contrast between garrison and combat trauma care. The foundation of CMAST is the concept and principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC-3). CMAST takes the basic knowledge and skills the soldier medic attained in the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) course and addresses the unique aspects of applying emergency medical care to casualties on the battlefield. The management of the airway, chest trauma, hemorrhage, and hypovolemic shock of the battlefield casualty are all addressed. Triage and evacuation, as well as the treatment of detainees under international law are also discussed. This course contains a 25-question pre-course self-assessment written examination and culminates in several practical examinations and a 50-question written examination. This course is a minimum of 30 hours in length.

Tactical Medicine

The Applied Response Solutions (ARS) Tactical Medicine Education Program is designed to prepare EMTís and Paramedics to function as members of a Tactical Team. Critical patients requiring transport between facilities need a different level of care from hospital or emergency field patients.
Participants will gain an understanding of the special needs of critical patients during transport, become familiar with the purpose and mechanisms of hospital procedures and equipment, and develop the skills to maintain the stability of hospital equipment and procedures during transport.
The training may be conducted as a MTT or conducted at out 2000 acre Counter-Terrorism Training Center located in Central Texas.

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