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WZ9430 Major Incident Response Suit (MIRT)


Speed & Mobility: Homeland Defender™ suits from Blauer fit your body like conventional outerwear and are worn with conventional military and law enforcement footwear. Unlike most traditional OSHA rated Level A suits, our suits allow you to run, crawl, jump, and move as needed without compromising protection from dangerous chemical and biological agents. The suit allows the wearer to have a “Lower, Discrete Profile” by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that does not appear to be PPE, thereby not alarming the public, but providing protection to the wearer if it is needed (prior to donning the hood). The MIRT is perfect for Wet and Humid working environments and wet decon procedures.


Comfort: Whether you’re operating in the “hot” zone or “warm” zone, our Homeland Defender™ suits (Multi Threat Suit or the MIRT Suit) offer a level of comfort that will enable you to function effectively until the threat is neutralized. Heat stress is dramatically lessened, as compared to conventional ChemBio suits, with unique features such as evaporative cooling and selective permeability (breathability).


Durability: The durability of any ChemBio suit is important from a safety and investment standpoint. Homeland Defender™ suits are uniquely rugged to allow for worry free tactical operations protecting against Chemical warfare agent and Toxic Industrial Chemical permeation resistance. Unlike most conventional CB suits, the HZ9420 Multi-Threat and WZ9430 MIRT suits are specially designed for multiple uses, longer service life, washability and a significant shelf-life even after the suit has been deployed for use.

WZ9430 MIRT Suit Technical Testing Data

The MIRT (Major Incident Response Team) suit is made with a lightweight Chempak® fabric that is selectively permeable and certified for “warm zone” operations where hazardous chemical and biological agents are anticipated or identified but at levels not immediately dangerous to life and health. Worn with the proper APR mask and components, the WZ9430 protects against lower levels of vapor and liquid hazards that may be encountered outside the “hot zone”. The two piece (jacket and pant) combination with a deploy-on-demand Chempak® hood  (folded into the collar) allows first responders to operate discretely within civilian populations while maintaining a ready posture for terrorist incidents. Chempak fabric socks are worn inside the normal footwear boot and Chempak fabric inner gloves, carried in the pockets and deployed with the NOMEX outer gloves will provide complete warm-zone protection from toxic industrial chemicals/materials, and ChemBio agents with lower level splash and vapor hazard protection.



  • S.W.A.T. and Tactical Operations
  • Security and Crowd control at high-risk and public events
  • Discrete protection for Security Teams
  • Decon Line Operation
  • “Warm Zone” safe escape from contaminated environment
  • Receiving Ambulatory victims from TIC/TIM and CBW event


The breathability of the fabric is a unique capability that extends on-scene sustainability.

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