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Lightweight, Trace Explosives Detection

At less than three pounds, the Fido Portable Explosives Detector is the world's most sensitive explosives detection system.

Fido explosives detectors utilize proprietary amplifying fluorescence polymers (AFP) to detect trace levels of explosive materials in parts per quadrillion (ppq). This level of detection is comparable to that of highly trained explosives detection canines, the gold standard in explosives detection technology. Unlike the alternative, the exquisite sensitivity of the Fido supports detection of both explosive vapor and particulates without the need to modify the system in any way. This unique design enables previously unheard of functionality for explosives detection equipment.

Flexible Configurations

The Fido XT can be configured in multiple formats to accommodate the needs of most explosives detection applications. The system includes a control unit and separate sensor head where actual explosives detection takes place. These two components can be connected directly for one-handed explosives detection operations or via tether for added maneuverability. In addition, the sensor head can be mounted for benchtop applications.

Due to its size and trace vapor detection capability, the Fido XT can be easily integrated as a payload onto robotic vehicles for remote explosives detection applications. Dependent upon the robot, this can be accomplished either by inserting the entire system onto the robotic platform or by attaching the sensor head to a robotic arm.


Swift, Accurate Explosives Vapor Detection

The Fido Portable Explosives Detector has been designed with the user in mind. By integrating ultra-sensitive detection technology into a user-friendly device, this explosives detector is ready for most operational scenarios.

Small Size

The Fido provides advanced explosives detection technology in a compact, lightweight device, designed for ease of use. The entire system - handheld control unit, sensor head and tether - weighs less than three pounds with a four hour battery. The entire kit comes in a watertight, molded plastic case and includes a supply of consumables and three rechargeable batteries.

Ultra-Low Sensitivity

The exquisite sensitivity of the Fido Explosives Detector is due to the unique technology at the heart of the system - amplifying fluorescent polymer (AFP). AFP provides a detectable response to explosive materials at levels as low as a few femtograms (parts per quadrillion). This means the Fido is a thousand times more sensitive than any of its nearest competitors. In side-by-side field operations, the performance of Fido is comparable to that of highly trained explosive detection dogs.

Explosive Vapor Detection

The detection technology used in the Fido Explosives Detectors - amplifying fluorescent polymers (AFP) - was designed for use as an explosives "sniffer." As such, the Fido can detect the vapor emanating from explosive materials without having to come in contact or direct line of sight with the explosive device itself.

Rapid Sensor Response

The Fido provides real time explosives detection for practical screening operations. Actual detection of explosive materials occurs in the Sensing Element and has a reversible detection response, allowing it to be reused many times. After a positive explosives detection reading, the Fido takes only seconds to before screening the next target. Detection results are displayed in real time on the LCD screen and through an audio signal similar to that of a Geiger counter.

Data Logging

The Fido XT incorporates a memory card for continuous tracking of explosives detection results. With this data logging capability, samples can be taken from multiple sources and file numbers tracked for later output and study. These quantitative explosives detection results can help establish justifiable cause or to back up expert witness testimony.

Ease of Use

The Fido was designed for ease of operation and provides the operator with real time explosives detection information. The system requires only two consumables - the Sensing Element and Sampling Swipes. The Fido operates for approximately four hours on a single camcorder-style battery. Replacement of both the Sensing Element and battery is simple and requires no tools.


Fieldable, Trace Explosives Detection

Due to its small footprint and true vapor detection capabilities, the Fido Portable Explosives Detector is well suited to both handheld and robot-mounted applications. The tethered sensor head on the Fido XT provides incredible maneuverability while also allowing the sensor to be detached and integrated as a payload on numerous unmanned systems.

People Screening

The Fido Explosives Detectors are sensitive enough to detect the trace residue of explosives materials on a person and their effects that results from the construction or deployment of an explosive device. The speed and accuracy with which the Fido can detect such minute quantities makes it suitable for use at checkpoints or random searches.

Vehicle Screening

During the transportation or deployment of an explosive device, a vehicle will become contaminated with trace amounts of explosive residue in numerous areas. In some instances, such contamination can be so pervasive that detection can occur even when the explosive device is out of direct sight. The incredible sensitivity of the Fido Explosives Detector allows this contamination to be sampled and detected, providing useful evidence and intelligence even when a terrorist is not caught in the act.

IED Detection

Originally developed for humanitarian demining operations, the Fido is capable of detecting the vapor emanating from an improvised explosive device. The small size allows it to be integrated onto a robotic platform for remote detection operations. Though the Fido is capable of detecting the explosive device itself, by using it during checkpoint and people screening operations the Fido can also aid in the capture of the bomb-maker preventing the bomb from ever being emplaced.

Forensics Screening

The sensitivity and portability of the Fido Explosives Detector, combined with its onboard memory make it eminently suitable to forensic applications. Responders can take samples from the exterior of a vehicle or facility suspected to house bomb-making paraphernalia or from the suspect himself. These quantitative explosives detection results can be saved and printed to help establish justifiable cause or to back up expert witness testimony.

Cargo Screening

Trace detection and high volume sampling techniques utilizing vapor detection as a method increase the ability to detect concealed explosives even when explosive particulates are not present. As an ultra-sensitive trace explosive vapor detector, the Fido can be effectively employed for cargo, mail and baggage screening operations.

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