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Chempak Ultra Barrier, Chem Bio Overboot 

The CB Overboot utilizes proprietary state-of-the-art WL Gore material technologies designed to minimize warfighters' exposure to chemical and biological agents in vapor, aerosol, and liquid forms. The CB Overboot upper consists of an impermeable, GORE®CHEMPAK Ultra Barrier fabric, including protective seam seal tape to ensure added integrity and protection against harmful agents.

The CB Overboot is compatible with standard issue footwear and all existing special operations and joint operations CB defense equipment. Integrating seamlessly with existing issue clothing, the CB Overboot provides superior tactility and comfort in multiple terrains and climates. A lightweight polyurethane outsole ensures unrivalled traction, while the GORE® CHEMPAK ®Ultra Barrier fabric is used to create a rugged, easily compacted, highly protective upper. The CB Overboot's innovative design enables quick donning and doffing under the threat of chemical or biological warfare attack. The lightweight and highly compactable CB Overboot resists mildew, fungus and other health and comfort threats while being worn or stored.

Extensive field testing proved the CB Overboot's effectiveness. With positive test results, the U.S. Special Operations Command recognized the value of a CB overboot that maintains comfort, tactical effectiveness, and ease-of-use while protecting against modern Chemical and Biological threats.

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