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Chempak Ultra Barrier Glove Liners, Chem Bio Glove System Description

This 5­ finger glove system combines a thin, next­-to-­skin chemical protective glove liner with a form fitting overglove. The glove system is issued in clear packaging with sizing and maintenance instructions.  The glove system was qualified for use in the US JSLIST Block 1 Glove Upgrade (JB1GU) program for up to 14­days of field wear.


Protective Glove Liner: The liner is made from a thin, lightweight, flexible polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) barrier film, which allows the loose fitting liner to conform comfortably on the hand under the stretch overglove.  The liner protects against chemical agent vapors, aerosols, and small droplets.  Upon exposure to chemical agents, the glove system provides at least 24 hours of protection from agent penetration.  The protection of the liner is not compromised by exposure to commonly encountered petroleum and hydrocarbon­-based substances such as diesel fuel, jet fuel, weapons lubricant and insect repellent.  The liner is labeled for left and right hand fit and designed to keep seamsoffthe fingertipsto maximize tactility.  The non­melting inner layer does not stick to skin during high heat exposures. A sweat absorbing elastic wristband helps prevent moisture accumulation, minimizing slippage of the hand in the liner.  It also provides the wearer a snug sensation that increases their sense of security.


Form Fitting Overglove: The stretch knit overglove sizing is designed to match with the protective glove liner. It is made fromhigh performance fibers (100% NOMEX® fibers), which results in cut and flame resistance. A thin leather palm provides optimal tactility and slip­-resistant grip.  Both the knit and the leather have excellent stretch and recovery allowing the glove to move with the hand. No exposed stitching is used, improving abrasion resistance and durability. As part of the JB1GU program, the overglove and protective glove liner system passed testing and is recommended for short­-duration flash-­fire protection.


Technical Characteristics

·         24 hours of protection once contaminated by chemical agents.

·         Fourteen­-day durability

·         Protection not compromised by exposure to commonly encountered petroleum and hydrocarbon­based substances.

·         Non­-melting inner layer next-­to-­skin.

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