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Exact Chemical Agent Detection

Agentase Disclosure SprayThe Agentase Disclosure Spray is an enzyme-based, chemical-agent-detection system in a spray formulation.  The solution changes color when sprayed on surfaces contaminated with nerve agents providing emergency responders and other critical personnel with simple, rapid and reliable access to chemical-agent detection.

In the field, the Agentase Disclosure Spray can detect the presence of CWAs at sub microgram levels within five minutes, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming sampling, transportation and laboratory analysis of potentially harmful agents. Time is of particular importance because of the risks of multiple exposures to, and possible re-transmissions of, nerve agents.

The Agentase Disclosure Spray pinpoints the exact location of agents on surfaces allowing for:

  • Identification of agent location
  • Focused decontamination efforts
  • Immediate knowledge of decontamination efficiency 

Demonstration and Training Kit

In addition, ICx Technologies has developed a Training Spray which is identical in operation to the Agentase Disclosure Spray, but uses a benign simulant to trigger a response.

In the demonstration shown right, the simulant was placed in the form of an "x" on the lower portion of the particle board paneling. Once the Training Spray was applied, the positive response to the simulant became visible within seconds.

Detection limits and interference test data are available upon request for personnel who are qualified to receive ITAR-controlled information.

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